The Predictably Treacherous Podcast

PT - Columbo - Short Fuse

May 21, 2018

Season 1 of the Predictably Treacherous Posdast continues with another Columbo episode and this time its a stinker.  Season one's "Short Fuse"

Episode Summary:

Roger Stanford is a middling executive at Stanford Chemical, the company that bears his family name.  Roger has ambitions of one day taking over the company but his uncle, CEO David Buckner, is trying to organize a merger and push Roger out.  Roger kills his uncle and manipulates his aunt Dory to strengthen his position within the company. If Roger can avoid arrest, and the sale of the company falls through, Aunt Dory is sure to give up control, leaving Roger in charge.

Music for the intro:
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"Sweeter Vermouth" by Kevin MacLeod (
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